Winter Electrical Safety Tips: Christmas Lights

Now that we are in the season for lights and decorations, here are some safety tips to make sure you have a safe holiday.

Holiday lights are meant to bring cheer and ambience — not danger. Good news: you can almost completely eliminate the hazard of Christmas lights by taking the right precautions.

Even though holiday lights are meant to make people happy, if safety is neglected, they can prove to be a not-so-festive fire hazard.

  • Inspect wiring for damage.
  • If the wiring on your Christmas lights is torn, it can throw sparks that start a fire inside or out.
  • Don’t hang lights on a dry tree. — A fire-resistant artificial tree is safest, but if you want to go for the classic live tree, make certain that you keep your tree well-watered and wet. In a matter of minutes, sparks and excess heat can turn a dry tree into a bonfire.
  • Consider upgrading to LED Christmas lights. — These beautiful energy efficient lights produce almost no heat, making these 21st LEDs the safest choice to bring holiday ambience.

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